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So Why Sticky Jots?


Sticky Jots for your sticky thoughts. 

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my interests and possible thesis topics. Conversations has been a reoccurring theme in my ideas and it’s something that intrigues me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it after my cybernetics workshop with Paul Pangaro a few weeks ago. To him design is just rhetoric. It’s about persuading people your idea is better. In order to design solutions, the right people have to agree through conversation. So simple right? If we design products that encourage conversations between people, people themselves will be able to do more and think more. That bit resonated with me because when I reflect back on my past conversations, I appreciate how much I have learned from them and how much of it has molded me. As an interaction designer, I feel like it is my responsibility to create those tools to spark conversation.


Conversation model from cybernetics workshop. Two people deciding on which Airbnb house to stay in.

This semester for Entrepreneurial Design, my partner, Rae, and I have 13 weeks to come up with a product or service to make $2000. We started out wanting to create a tool to ignite creativity but found it to be too difficult to match the needs of every person. After talking to a few people, we realized that we were more drawn to encouraging a group to actively engage with one another instead of just focusing on creativity. Our thought was creativity happens when great conversations start. Last week we launched Sticky Jots and got a pretty positive reaction. The idea came from our constant prototyping and ideation process in almost every project this semester. While it’s great to do, it’s still frustrating how time consuming it can be. We started thinking more of how we can we integrate a better experience with our process so that it could be more collaborative and efficient with time.

In the end it’s more than just creating wireframes or user journeys. It’s about exploring all possibilities and aspects of a design in order to build better products. It’s getting people to stand up from their desks and interact with each other so that we can start having conversations. If you feel like helping out two poor grad students and you’d like some stickies, pre-order now on our site! Thanks a bunch!

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